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Mark My Words » Labour needs to learn the art of Ranieri

Posted 24 hours ago

To paraphrase one Vladimir Ilyich, the more something is said the more it becomes so. This is the essence of spin. A few weeks ago it was all about David Cameron’s family finances. He tried to dodge hard answers until it dawned on Carlton’s ex-PR chief that denials and prevarications were only fuelling the story. Our proposition this week is that the Labour party has a problem with anti-Semitism. If the first scalp in the fracas, an obscure MP from Bradford, kept the story rumbling the fall of big beast Ken Livingston has provided Labour’s poachers a prize trophy. The story is as toxic for Labour as off-shore account fiddling is for the Tories. In both cases the damage is directed at the party leader. Corbyn’s enemies, outside of Labour but more particularly within, know the issue of Israel is a key vulnerability. Although few buy that Corbyn himself is … [Link]

Mark My Words » No title

Posted 11 days ago

Hannah Woods – whose “arch” eyebrow, print knitwear and encyclopaedic IQ captivated University Challenge viewers as she led her team to victory – has the potential to earn millions if she capitalises on her new-found fame, a leading PR expert said today. Read more of Mark’s thoughts on becoming an internet sensation overnight here [Link]

Mark My Words » Mark with Newsweek on whether or not Amazon’s investment will pay off.

Posted 11 days ago

British PR guru Mark Borkowski tells Newsweek that Amazon’s investment could prove wise and boost the streaming service, which is said to have 46 million Amazon Prime subscribers worldwide. In comparison, Netflix has 75 million. Read more here [Link]

Mark My Words » If the price is right – Mark quoted in the Sunday Times on Celebrity Endorsements

Posted 19 days ago

Breaking news: once one of the coolest women in the world, the 1990s supermodel Helena Christensen is set to become the face and presumably bikini-clad body of Thomson Holidays’ luxury arm. That’s a whole ton of sun. She’s not the only one to take the cash for a touch of naff… Read more here [Link]

Mark My Words » THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT’ – Mark on the privacy injunction in the British Media

Posted 19 days ago

The injunction farce shows there are no boundaries in social media, according to a PR and branding consultant. Mark Borkowski said the truth will ultimately come out as it did when football’s Ryan Giggs tried to hide his infidelity. ‘This scenario is akin to King Canute who sat on the beach trying to hold back the waves,’ he said. ‘We are in the digital, global age where there are no boundaries… Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook [Link]

Mark My Words » The Killer Apps of Steel and Tradition

Posted 4 weeks ago

The history of steel is the history of the British industrial revolution. Tuesday evening –which saw the decision by Tata to close all of its steelworks in the UK, consigning the production of the metal to potential oblivion- either marks a new chapter or is a concluding footnote. Niall Ferguson once used the term Killer App to describe the fundamental parts that make up his brand of civilisation. Steel is surely one of Britain’s. What is happening to steel mirrors the fate of many of Britain’s killer apps. We are proud of our long democracy but bemoan parliamentary politics. Our railway was pioneering but we haven’t upgraded it for over three decades. We still talk about our world class media at a moment when national newspapers are disappearing and the BBC is struggling to define its mandate (which surely should be obvious from its name!). I am in no position … [Link]

Mark My Words » Top Gear’s Cenotaph apology proves just how much the show is missing Clarkson and his balls

Posted 6 weeks ago

It is open season for attacking the new series of Top Gear and the first shot has been fired. A former British military commander criticised one of the show’s hosts Matt LeBlanc and a professional driver who performed “doghnuts” near the Cenotaph in Whitehall during an interview with BBC Radio 5 live. Col Richard Kemp said that the war memorial should be shown “respect”.. Read more here. [Link]

Mark My Words » Top Gear Cenogaffe: A PR Monstrosity

Posted 6 weeks ago

No one seems to have gotten out of the Top Gear Cenotaph-gaffe unscathed. The presenters have been throttled into unreserved contrition. The BBC has been branded foolish for giving the go-ahead to the £100,000 stunt and Westminster council have been labelled naïve. The area’s commitment to low emissions also took a beating with the noxious fumes caused by Matt Le Blanc’s donut. One party has emerged victorious. Brandished on the side of the now infamous mustang is the logo for the energy drink Monster, the sponsor of the Hoonigan rally team. A BBC spokesperson commented that it is usual for “such cars” to feature sponsor logos, Red Bull in Formula One being an obvious example. While this may make sense if Top gear were doing a feature on particular motors in the context of, say, the World Rally Championship it is not clear why they needed a branded vehicle for … [Link]

Mark My Words » Queen Elizabeth is a canny one. She always picks the winning side.

Posted 7 weeks ago

Queen Elizabeth is a canny one. She always picks the winning side. She’s successfully backed Scottish Union twice. Her horses have won over 1,600 races. She came round to the Diana mania with grace and an Oscar via Dame Helen. Read more at [Link]