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The Fame Formula Competition

The Fame Formula, leading publicist Mark Borkowski casts an insider’s eye over the rapid growth of the fame industry and offers insights into how to come become famous and how to maintain that fame, using the stunts and practises of the great publicists as illustrations.

When the book is published, a competition, in association with Borders Books, will be launched to find a talent who can be promoted by Mark Borkowski for a fifteen months, using the Fame Formula as a template for perpetuating their success. If you think you have the talent, beauty, skill or staying power to become a lasting celebrity, visit Borders Books online and submit your video from August 4th.

Borkowski’s report on the first Fame Formula competition event at Borders in London

Tuesday, August 12th

In amongst the hoo-ha surrounding the publicity for The Fame Formula, including reviews in The Guardian, the Sunday Times and numerous other organs, plus a host of radio show appearances, I had let the Fame Formula competition nag at me a little because it is even more impossible to predict who or what may turn up to such an event than it is to know who will write a good review for a book. We’ve all seen the eclectic, to put it politely, selection of chancers and hopefuls they choose to film in the early weeks of the X Factor; I was hoping that would not happen, as I want this competition to be about talent.

Thankfully, there was an outstanding turn out of candidates at Borders, Oxford Street for the Fame Formula competition this afternoon. A brilliant 15 year old delivered a Shakespearian monologue; a bizarre man who reminded me of Wild Man Fisher performed a salmon song (which will be uploaded soon); Poppy Rose, who wants to be famous for the sake of being famous, came and did her thing.

Also included amongst the contestants was a man who wanted to be a Johnny Depp look-alike. He has every chance of success, as he had the one attribute needed to be a look-alike, which is not looking like Johnny Depp at all. There were also some competitors with a serious mission behind their desire for fame; a man who had been a missionary with Mother Teresa and was now building a missionary took part, as did a guy from Perth who wanted to be a one man aid agency. A cool dude from South Africa, who wanted to surf every country in the world, showed me footage of himself surfing the rapids in Germany, and a whole host of great singers came and sang their hearts out.

Within an hour I had seen over 25 people and was reassured that the competition was off to a good start. God knows what I’ll see at the next date in Glasgow…