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Fame Formula Videos

Mark talking about The Fame Formula on BBC Breakfast

A film featuring Mark Borkowski instructing a couple of wannabe celebrities on the perils of fame.

Here is the webcast of the head to head between Max Clifford and Mark Borkowski at the London College of Communications on May 5th 2009, in nine handy bite-sized chunks.

Part One

Part Two: Andrew reveals his knowledge of football, and Max discusses the difference between ’stars’ and ‘celebrities’

Part Three: Mark begins with an attack on new agents, who lack in skill and who profit by peddling hope.

Part Four: Are reality shows good or bad?

Part Five: Any advice for Gordon Brown?

Part Six: Which begins with Max being asked how he has kept the identity of his bisexual Premiership footballing client out of the media…

Part Seven: Does Max feel guilty about profiting from Jade’s death, or Kerry Katona’s misfortune – or causing misery for other people?

Part Eight: LCC Year 3 PR student Cally Sheard questions Max on whether the public or the media determine the agenda, using the Barrymore story as an example.

Part Nine: Conclusion!

Ken Campbell Exclusive Video

Ken Campbell, who died on Sunday, August 31st 2008, was a great man and a real friend to The Fame Formula. Not only did he help me launch the book at the beginning of August, but much of his inspired work echoed the work of some of the great publicists detailed in the book; most notably Jim Moran, whose mission to turn cliched phrases (such as needle in a haystack and bull in a china shop) on their head was an inspiration to Ken. Like Moran, Ken often did things more for the thrill of doing them than the publicity they generated; for example, after Trevor Nunn’s production of Nicholas Nickleby for the RSC, Ken sent out a host of letters to actors and directors, with Nunn’s name faked at the bottom, inviting them to join him in the newly formed Royal Dickens Society. Some refused, some graciously accepted. All of them wrote to Trevor Nunn to say their piece. Trevor Nunn grew apopleptic and called the police and Ken, finally, came out from the shadows and admitted that it had been him.

The exclusive video, which was only seen once before being uploaded to the net, is a guided tour, conducted by Ken, of the art and artistic processes of Doris, a parrot.

To read obituaries of Ken Campbell from The Telegraph, The Stage, Michael Billington and The Guardian click on the links.

The Fame Formula teaser

Mark discusses The Fame Formula on Channel 4 News

Mark talks to Lenny Beige

Homage To Little Britain

Mark Borkowski and Ken Campbell at book launch