An insider’s eye on the murky, surprising, funny and sometimes shocking history of the fame industry

The Fame Formula

Mark Borkowski has shone a brilliantly illuminating light on the disgraceful, hilarious, and undeniably effective Tinself Town PR war machines that inspired the current celebrity/PR meltdown we see today. I loved every page.’
Piers Morgan

“This is a brilliantly original account of a neglected subject.”
Stephen Bayley

Ever wanted to be famous? Ever wondered how those who have achieved an extraordinary level of fame have managed to keep it? Ever wondered what it is that that makes so many of us so fascinated by, and even covetous of, famous people. Or what makes anyone want to be famous, just for the sake of it? 

In The Fame Formula, Mark Borkowski, one of the Britain’s leading publicists, casts an insider’s eye over the astonishingly rapid growth of the fame industry, from silent movies to the internet and the instant news age. The book offers insights into how to come become famous and how to maintain that fame, using the stunts and practises of great, though often forgotten, publicists as illustrations. It highlights the extraordinary leaps of imagination that publicists used to promote movies, people and products. 

‘Witty, well researched and enlightening’
Mail on Sunday

These are the people who sat on and hatched an ostrich egg to promote the film The Egg and I; the people who insured Betty Grable’s legs for $1 million to get her in the press; the people who restrained Tom Cruise’s sofa bouncing tendencies; the people who dressed Marilyn Monroe in a potato sack for a glamour shoot; the people who spun webs of invented lives for movie stars whose sexual preferences would have outraged the public in the early days of Hollywood; the people who sold a vision of Hollywood that has become reality. 

“The Fame Formula establishes Mark Borkowski as the
unofficial curator of the House of Spin.”
The Guardian

Borkowski has also discovered a scientific formula for the maintenance of fame, which is revealed in the book, that will help anyone wishing to achieve fame to do so, using the examples set by the great publicists as a guide to getting their name noticed. 

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